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As probably similar to many scientists and researchers, it's through my fascination and curiosity for the natural world, its functioning and its history that motivates and drives me as a scientific illustrator. I enjoy capturing and expressing that fascination in a visual and useful way, and I like to think that the images I create reveals my passion for it and shows my affinity and eye for details & scientific accuracy.

Through the art of scientific illustration I’ve been fortunate to explore subjects as diverse as botany, zoology, entomology, cytology, paleontology, and archaeology and in addition gave me the opportunity to meet and assist a lot of interesting people from which I learned a lot. — In this inspiring and motivational profession lies my heart.

— Sven Bellanger

—  Sven Bellanger

Member of the AEIMS (Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Médicaux et Scientifiques), as well as of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrations (U.S., Washington, DC).




After my MA of Arts in Graphic Design, the unique Masters program of Scientific Illustration in Maastricht allowed me to further refine my drawing skills, making me familiar with various scientific terminologies & techniques, dissections and generally led me to a deeper understanding of human and animal anatomy. Theoretical knowledge was reinforced through practical experience, including dissection, microscopy, processing of serial sections, CT & MRI results, etc. 

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I am presently working as a scientific botanical illustrator at The National Botanic Garden of Belgium and I teach several drawing courses (anatomy & figure drawing) at the School of Arts in Ghent.

My curiosity for nature and science motivated me to, next to my responsibilities as a botanical illustrator and teacher, broaden my horizon by making my expertise part-time more widely available, assisting other scientists & different scientific fields as an independent illustrator.



Investigating a subject, analyzing and researching it thoroughly is what I above all am passionate about and greatly enjoy doing. Visualizing this, often complex, scientific information in a clear and accessible way forms the high point of the process. Being a teacher for already more than a decade, I developed a natural tendency in communicating knowledge in a clear and accessible way, easily assimilated by the viewer.

I master a variety of media techniques, traditional & digital, and strive to apply a style best suited for the intended purpose and goal of the illustration, making it as original and creative as possible so they stand out and distinguish themselves from other, more common scientific illustrations.

I have experience communicating and working together with researchers, scientists, medical doctors, (Phd)students and many others offering them customized services, working closely together and also sharing their passion for the project so we can deliver high quality visualizations and designs of which we both can be proud of.