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Original & authentically crafted visualizations representing various aspects of science,
the natural world and its history in a modern and captivating way.

As a certified & experienced scientific illustrator / graphic designer I help you in creating beautiful and properly substantiated illustrations of measured accuracy so to get your work in the spotlight and assist you in conveying (complex) scientific topics & concepts in an effective and understandable way, documenting features of plants, animals, insects, archeological findings, etc...

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“Look deep into nature,
and then you will understand everything better.”

— A. Einstein



A scientific accurate illustration

Despite photography, illustrations still have an import role in our visually oriented culture.
They help to convey and communicate in a fast & text-independent way, reaching and inspiring a broader audience by virtue of their aesthetics.


The added value


Illustrations have the advantage that they can focus on the essence of the subject by eliminating extraneous – and often distracting – details inevitably present in for instance photographs. Also, important elements can be obscured by a number of things like shadows, bright glosses or false (colour)reflections and there are almost always areas that are unclear or out of focus. In an illustration unwanted artifacts, abnormalities, damages or omissions can be corrected or reconstructed with respect for the natural truth. Moreover, an illustration is not limited to a snapshot in time, but may be a compilation of several moments or elements combined in one image. Likewise, it is not bound to an exact portrait of one individual specimen, but may represent several elements from various specimens in one all-embracing image, showing an averaged out specimen.


The ability to emphasize and isolate important details make illustrations invaluable for exchanging and clarifying thoughts, messages or information in any scientific field. That is also why a hyperrealistic image is not necessarily the best solution. Sometimes it even tends to blur information rather than to clarify it and in that case it's better to simplify or schematize to optimally reflect the content and purpose of the image. Scientific illustration is about making complex information visually accessible. This requires the necessary proficiency and skill to keep the illustration scientifically valid and credible, but also the experience with didactic principles to arrive at a clear and concise communication.

Besides the classic and more common way of depicting subjects in this specialized field of illustration, the style I prefer to apply, if appropriate and applicable, strives to give a more creative and artistic trait to them whilst respecting there severity. Making visually unique and more intriguing illustrations gives them a strong and genuine quality that can engage and inspire. 


The scientific illustrator


Professional scientific illustrators are not merely artists, we also are passionate and genuinely interested in science and nature, familiar with scientific jargon through all the science courses integrated into our education program we took and through reading scientific publications.  

We are used to handle microscopes and various scientific instruments and we know how to perform dissections in order to understand structures better, as it is the key to properly substantiated illustrations. There is often a fascination for accurate and detailled renderings, for which we by means of relentless practice developed the necessary technical skills. Our good insight on how to (visually) communicate helps to describe & teach to a wide variety of audiences.